Despite the varying foreign exchange rates, political instability and global financial crisis, the prices on the gemstones market keep going up.
As a result, such investment is among the top priority investments arond the world.
In order to understand the mechanism behind it, we turned to the owners of DREHERDT+ Patrick Dreher and Oleg Herdt. They are real professionals whose experience and knowledge concerning purchasing gemstones are totally trustworthy.

Mister Dreher, you are a professional gemstone carver, coming from a family famous for its experts in the area for 13 generations already. What made you start DREHERDT+?

To be more exact, I am also the fifth generation of our family masters — gemcutters Dreher Carvings, and I'm also the supervisor of Idar-Oberstein German Gemstone Museum, member of the Executive Committee of the Federal Association of Gemstone and Diamond Manufacturers and the German Professional Gemstone Specialists Guild. All this provides various opportunities, and my extensive contacts allow me not only to find any gemstone, but also get detailed information about it. A couple of years ago, an American customer turned to me, willing to invest. Taking into account our long-term partnership (his collection includes a lot of our pieces), I agreed to help him. It turned out that just one call was needed. In fact, that story became the starting point for the further development of the whole thing. I got orders from other customers, including investors. Taking into account the closeness in the area (stone mining companies, as well as their dealers, are bound by contracts made with large enterprises that prohibit them to sell their stones to other companies), I was in a good position, since those rules didn't apply to me. They sold stones to me, and I went on working with them. This is how the idea of DREHERDT+ appeared.

Mister Herdt, you are a well-known expert in international logistics. The company offices are located in Latvia, Russia, China, Thailand, Hongkong, Germany. How did you decide on starting an enterprise in Idar-Oberstein?

Quite by accident. When we were in Thailand, my wife bought a sapphire ring on the gem stone market. The ring itself didn't exactly impress me, but the stone idea remained on my mind. Some time later, when planning to set the business and open an office in Germany (my ancestors are ethnical Germans), I was considering several regions and appreciated the advantages of Idar-Oberstein right away. I moved here, got a gemmologist training, obtained some skills in estimating and certifying stones, became a member of the German Geological Society ... At one of the exhibitions in the USA I met Partick who was introduced to me as a great specialist in the area. Later on we decided to start a company together and not at some random place, but in Idar-Oberstein. By the way, our project aims at international development of the region as well, since the best carvers and cutters in the world work here. I travel around the world a lot, but I haven't seen such accuracy anywhere else.

Would you mind revealing the secret of '+' in the name of your company?

Patrick: There is no secret: the '+' sign means everyone who we work with: gemmologists, grinders, independent assessors and other specialists.

Why is it better to invest in coloured gemstones and not in diamonds, for example?

Oleg: Compared with diamonds, the price of which is often determined by a combination of external factors, the coloured gemstones market is more free. As for the advantages of such an investment, I would note the general growth in the value of such stones, their limited availability, growing demand, and, most importantly, their uniqueness. Each of them is a natural masterpiece! With our help, one can buy stones at a much lower price than anywhere else.

Are there any risks related to such investments?

Patrick: Yes, and first of all, it's fakes. Since nowadays gemstones can be bought even on eBay along with the full set of corresponding documents. And it is impossible to see a fake with the naked eye. 
Oleg: Can you imagine the feelings of an owner whom we have told the bitter truth?! Gemstones are checked for their colour, transparency, glitter, solidity, density. We cooperate with mineralogy and gemmology specialists from world-wide famous institutes and laboratories, such as DSEF (Deutsche Stiftung Edelsteinforschung) in Germany, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and some other organizations.

What is the purchasing process like? Does the owner get any certificate?

Oleg: A customer willing to invest in gemstones is invited to Idar-Oberstein to get such consultation. The availability of analytical data allows us to forecast the prospective growth of the price of the potential purchase. For each stone, we provide a certificate. Moreover, when buying large pieces, one should obtain several certificates from different institues — in the future it will just increase the value. Based on the type of purchase, we'd recommend either keeping the stone in a bank cell or having it set in a holder and wearing it as a piece of jewelry.
Patrick: Besides the consultation, we provide our customers with invitations to various fairs and enterprises related to stone mining and processing. In other words, we try to build our business on the basis of longterm contacts, both with our partners and customers. To profit by all means is not our strategy. The great potential is those who are content with their transactions.

Who are your customers?

Oleg: Everyone who is interested in long-term investments, — these are both individuals and banks, funds.

Which stones are especially valued today?

Patrick: A lot depends on personal preferences. Another factor is the rarety of the stone itself, in this case it would have more prospects of having more value. Currently, there is great demand for tourmalines and mandarin garnets, attracting people with their unusual colour.

Which part of the total funds would you recommend investing in gemstones?

Oleg: According to best practices, it is better to invest not in just one large stone, but several smaller ones (one should pay attention to pieces from 5 ct and higher) in order to able to sell any of them anytime. As for the amount of money, it is reasonable to start with €5000, and you should invest just part of your funds. And, of course, one should remember that it is a long-term investment. By the way, along with stones we also offer pieces of art, including rare pieces, and in any part of the world.

And the last question: do you believe in the magical properties of stones?

Patrick: I grew up in a region where for many centuries stone extraction and processing has been business. I guess this is why I am pragmatic. And as long as the 'special properties' of gemstones are not scientifically proved, I'm not ready to believe in them.
Oleg: In my opinion, stones are quite a personal thing, and this is why there are different attitudes to them: some see their beauty and perfection, while some believe in their special magic.