The pages of the edition tell the fascinating story of thirteen generations of the Dreher family - German stone carvers and gem cutters, whose artistic journey was associated with the Carl Faberge firm in the 19th century.
Conceptually the book can be divided into two parts. The first one comprises eight author sections, giving a multifaceted representation about the development and achievement of the stone carving art form through the history of one family. The second part reveals to the reader an amazing exhibition of artworks in the genre of animalistics made by the last three generations of masters. 
In conclusion leading cultural and art professionals, friendly representatives of the art market from all around the world share their professional opinion about the future and the present of stone carving business, about the published book, they tell us personal stories about acquaintance and working with the Dreher family.
"In certain works the real coloring of the animal is so accurately imitated by the stone that it is hard to believe that the work before our eyes is made of just one piece" - Mikhail Ovchinnikov, first deputy director Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg.

The edition combined on its pages 118 artworks from private collections from all around the world; most of them hadn’t been published before. Large high-quality illustrations of works made of unique stones on the page or on the center spread of the book allow you to view the details, to get inspired by the artistic style of the masters. 
The book "DREHER CARVINGS" was represented at the largest book fair "Frankfurter Buchmesse" and at the International trade fair "The Munich Show 2017" in October. The author represented the edition at the GEM-A conference in London and held a presentation to the professional community of artists in St. Petersburg in November. 

"The extraordinary craftsmanship, which is inseparable from the artistic quality, of the Drehers’ works has long been properly appreciated worldwide. Their works take their well-deserved places in the largest museums and in private collections" - Galina Gabriel, professor, International Association of Art Critics.

The book is issued in English in a limited edition of 3,000 copies. The cost of the edition varies depending on the country: USA - 85 dollars, UK - 48 pounds, Germany (Europe) - 48 euros, Russia - 3,500 rubles excluding expenses for courier service. 
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