From 20th January to 10th February you can see the company's stone carving artworks at the Granada Gallery, Tucson, Arizona.
This is a key international exhibition of precious stones and minerals, which has gained prestige among the professional community since the 1970s. For 2.5 weeks the whole city turns into a themed exhibition space, where collectors, jewelers, artists, gem cutters, gemologists and nearly 4000 trading companies from all over the world meet to share their treasures, knowledge and experience with dozens of thousands of show participants.


Such a highly topical programme makes you dizzy, so it is important not to miss the significant events. Granada Gallery has prepared a special exhibition for its visitors. 

This year it is worth paying attention to the exposition of pezzottaite beryl - a rare precious stone from Madagascar - in addition to nine stone carving miniatures from the Dreherdt+ collection. Many bright varicolored pezzottaites from orange-red and crimson to purple will appear in all their glory in various forms: cabochons, faceted stones, exquisite jewels with Patrick Dreher's masterful carving.

The gallery approaches the selection of exhibits thoroughly, where each of them has not only artistic, but also a gemological value. Therefore the company Dreherdt+ was invited to represent its artworks from the collection in Granada Gallery. 

During the exhibition visitors will become acquainted with touching bears made of aquamarine and brown-orange imperial topaz by Alfred Zimmerman, charming cute hippopotamus made of crystal-clear citrine by Patrick Dreher, as well as several author's conceptual artworks: "The Dragon Knot", "The Eternal Bull" and "The Temple".