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You are interested in investing in gems and you have always wanted to know more about this kind of investment. So let us take you on a tour to have a look behind the scenes.

-         Patrick Dreher, Oleg Herdt and the Team

Gemstones are useful both as a short-term as well as a long-term investment. And you can keep them with you as a strong, risk-free investment better than, say, platinum or gold.

Let us have a look at gold as an example. Gold is being mined for continuously so the actual gold price may vary very much, never being stable at all. Therefore, if you sell gold at the wrong moment in time you might lose a lot of money. Also keep in mind that the gold price is subject to politics in adjusting currencies. Over are the times when currencies themselves were secured with gold reserves as nowadays more and more “fictional” gold reserves are being traded.

Nevertheless it is mentioned in the media that the value of gold is kind of stable which we have seen is for the most part true as it will never go to an extremely low value. But you can still lose a lot of money when you buy gold at a certain time and sell it at a loss later. The gold price is a political measure to adjust currencies, so it is played with it. – Patrick Dreher

Quite contrary to this, investing in gemstones is not bound by borders or limits and gems are rare, beautiful as well as natural.

Rare: If the gemstone itself is a rarity, this in combination with a rare cut creates a rare investment gemstone. Even if there might be any new discoveries of certain gemstones these hardly ever are similar stones in similar quality with similar color – so there is always a shortage of gemstones keeping prices on a stable high level.

Beautiful: Most gemstones can be worn as a piece of jewelry bringing along an emotional value, too.
Natural: While synthetic gemstones are also available, you should always prefer natural stones, also with some natural inclusions in them that cannot be imitated or forged by man. Minor inclusions will not affect transparency too much, leaving the stones’ color and brilliance intact. However, beware of man-made inclusions such as rutile needles in synthetic rubies for example. More information is available in our section “About Forgery and Genuineness”.

Think of gemstones as an ideal combination of an “emotional” and “rational” investment at the same time. An emotional investment would be a rare artwork, a timepiece or even an electric guitar. A gold ingot would be a very rational investment. Why not have both? 

You always have to separate one investment can be an artwork that can hardly be acquired and whose artists fame is rising, a timepiece or an old electric guitar, which combines craftsmanship with emotion, so there is “emotional” and “rational” investment, depending on the definition of rarity and detail. – Oleg Herdt

Let us introduce you to some investment stones then:
Four classic ones are: Diamond (certain ones), Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald. However, there are five more interesting stones to invest in: Paraiba-Tourmaline, Yellow Tourmaline, Mandarin Garnet, Tanzanite and Tsavorite (also a garnet). See our separate section “About gems” for more information.

Now that you are intrigued by investing in gemstones, let us assure you that we exclusively offer natural gems in highest quality at the best price. Small inclusions make gemstones forgery-proof as these guarantee a natural origin.

To ensure this, we work together with renowned laboratories [such as the DSEF (Deutsche Stiftung Edelsteinforschung) as well as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)] and mineralogists that are able to identify artificially added inclusions in stones.

We are about to come to the end of our tour and so we invite you to continue it in a one-to-one talk with us.

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