Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, Convesis Group is a company that provides a full range of PR and marketing communications services. Thanks to the professional team and a network of reliable partners in the digital area, media, consulting, analytics and multi-channel marketing, the company is successfully implementing communication concepts. Since 2001 Convensis Group has operated internationally in 70 countries.
An Internet agency, which covers all areas of the digital-space, i.e. the creation of websites, design of mobile applications, beautiful design, elaboration and implementation of marketing campaigns. The agency is based in three different places in the world, New York, Moscow and Siberia. This makes it possible for you to pick up and develop the leading trends in the development of websites and online communications.
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain is one of the first educational centres that serves the interests of gems and jewelry. The history begins in 1908, and today the British Gemmological Association Diploma has the highest status. Gem-A provides education to jewelers and anyone keen on precious stones. By sharing knowledge, invaluable experience and research gained for more than one hundred years, we very much appreciate the friendship with Gem-A professionals.
"DGemG is the German Gemmological Association founded in 1932 in the capital of precious stones. Idar-Oberstein is one of the three oldest gemological institutions worldwide. It is also a leading educational and research centre in Europe. Today, DGemG offers high-precision technical equipment, an extensive collection of reference materials and research samples, very good education and chic laboratories.
We appreciate our pleasant collaboration with DGemG."
"The Gemological Institute of America is the largest non-profit organisation dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology and jewelry. GIA сampuses, laboratories and research centers are located throughout the world, where experts set standards for evaluating jewel quality. So, GIA follows its mission to protect the buyers and sellers of gemstones.
We are very pleased with our fruitful cooperation with GIA laboratories in the US and the UK."
It is no less piece of work to bring across the charm, beauty and uniqueness of stones and precious products than processing and creating them. We express our deep gratitude to the photographer Jürgen Cullmann for the wonderful pictures of stones presented on our website. We look forward to long-term and fruitful cooperation.
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