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Our team is a valuable key for you in this investment field. Material things never change in their essence – they are refined by time but stay the same overall.

Our working in tandem has evolved on the basis of mutual understanding and experience and lets us create interesting projects to decrease risks in the area of investment. This project is based on Patrick Dreher’s extraordinary and inherited ability to work with stones and my business experience, as well as scientific reinforcement from indispensable gemologists, professor candidates and private collectors with insight and networks as part of our team.

Patrick Dreher whose major profession is gemstone carving has been working in his job since 1988 and loves it more every day. His main company “Dreher Carvings” has specialized in vivid fine engravings of animals made of gemstones, all of their works are unique, true-to-life, accurate in every detail and created using their own ideas and design. The Dreher family has a long tradition and their roots in Idar-Oberstein – it is documented that they have worked in the gemstone profession for at least 13 generations now, starting as agate cutters and in the fifth generation as gemstone carvers today! Agate cutters from Idar-Oberstein learnt to carve gemstones in Paris before 1870/71 and had to return because of the Franco-Prussian War. By them, Patrick Dreher’s great-great-grandfather Karl Dreher was the first one in the family to be taught the profession as a gemstone carver. His son Hermann Dreher worked for Carl Fabergé, the Tsar’s jeweler. Patrick Dreher himself works at the German gemstone museum in Idar-Oberstein as one of the curators. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Federal Association of the Precious Stones and Diamond Industry and the German Gemstone-working Trade Guild.

Patrick Dreher

About 2 years ago I was asked by one of our American customers whether I could help him to find a certain stone as a monetary investment. As he is one of our long-standing customers and collects many of our animal carvings I said yes and tried to help. It is important to know that the gemstone industry of Idar-Oberstein is connected very well. Over the years there have developed a lot of business relations and friendships even between different branches of the gemstone industry. Almost on a daily basis I am in contact with the local firms, be it through the museum, the federal association or because of my own job.

The desired stone was found quickly, but I could not get this experience out of my head, the topic investment gemstones started to fascinate me. In the last 2 years I familiarized myself with the matter and got acquainted with gemstones from the investment side. As you can imagine it was not the last gemstone I found for someone as an investment, there followed a lot of others. During this time more people asked me for my suggestions and help. It is definitely difficult as a person from “outside” of Idar-Oberstein to find the right supplier and right gemstone that is the ultimate investment. This has two reasons: One is, that the local wholesalers, even world-known, can only sell to retailers. Reason two is that here are very few retail stores of the industry.

There happens a lot behind closed doors for worldwide business. As my customers have been very pleased with me acting as an agent for them, there emerged a solid base of customers, which I counsel and help to find the right investment.

Oleg Herdt - For several years now precious stones and everything related to them have been Oleg’s genuine passion. The idea of this business was not born in a day. In his life he had different projects, realization of which brought a lot of pleasure, priceless experience, new contacts and let him built up his own international logistics business with offices in China, Thailand, Germany and Russia.

Oleg Herdt

After I had been managing this international logistics business for 11 years I felt like flinging myself into a beautiful and exciting world, the world in which money is not a priority but the process itself dazzles, amazes, excites. I got hooked on gemstones and decided to figure out the difference between a sapphire and an emerald, to find out what a raw alexandrite, opal or garnet looks like. This is really very exciting! I completed my training, became a gemologist and member of the German Gemmological Association in order to learn everything possible about jewels, and developed the process of purchasing, working and selling gemstones. All our stones are obligatorily certified in accordance with GIA and DSEF recommendations. I have my private collection of stones and each of them has its own amazing history.

Stones are also an interesting investment project for me. They do not lose in value because of currency rates and inflation, so during this tough time stones can become a reliable investment object though rather a long-term one. Money could be invested in untreated stones which themselves have positive volatility. In my opinion, investment in stones is a very reliable way to keep and increase capital – and not only mine.

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