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Investing in art has attracted your attention. Join us for an introductive tour of gemstone art and make your own conclusions about this special, rare art form as an investment.

- Patrick Dreher, Oleg Herdt and the Team

There are several very good reasons to invest in gemstone art:

  • Gemstone art pieces stand the test of time outliving generations
  • The pieces have an undreamed-of value stability and increase in value in comparison with e.g. shares
  • Each of these pieces is unique and one of a kind, also making them forgery-proof
  • They possess an intrinsic beauty too beautiful to be hidden in a safe

Now let us have a look at these qualities in more detail: Historically speaking, objects made from gemstone and gemstone carvings have always been favored presents and collector’s items intended for and ordered by kings, the aristocracy and the wealthy. You can follow this development all the way back to the 1600s.

The involvement of the Dreher family in the gemstone business dates back to the ancestor Wilhelm Dreher. It is documented that he carved a crystal bowl from a 43 kg heavy rough stone, which he delivered to the imperial court in Paris at the turn of the last century (1899-1900).

Today, many of the art pieces created from gemstones can be admired in various museums all over the world. All the centuries gone by do not diminish the glow of the gemstones, as time has no effect on them. With age, the gemstone carvings and art have become virtually invaluable, yet unfathomably intriguing to the select group of buyers. The steady increase in value is one of the reasons why gemstone art pieces are a brilliant investment choice.

Since our family has such a long-standing tradition in the gemstone industry, we were able to personally keep track of the increase in value of gemstone carvings and gemstone art pieces over the years. There is nothing quite like it. – Patrick Dreher

Another important aspect is the fact that there are few true, well-known artists that make sophisticated gemstone carvings, meaning that true gemstone art will remain a rarity. The creations available are often coveted by collectors. Though a very exclusive group, these collectors are spread all over the globe. They possess a deep appreciation for gemstones and the art form in particular. Only the most precious gemstones are used in the unique works, further minimizing the number of art pieces that can be created and thereby increasing their value. Several hundred hours of manual labor are invested in a single art project from beginning to end. All designs and ideas originate from the artist. The creations are never modeled after already existing pieces.

Although Fabergé is most widely known for the exceptional egg carvings, they also manufactured animal carvings from gemstones. Hermann Dreher, one of the thirteen generations of gemstone experts in the Dreher family, worked with Carl Fabergé, the Tsar’s jeweler, around the end of the 19th century who made animal carvings  fashionable, also knowing how to market them.

The exceptional work of the Dreher family has proven time and time again that they belong to the very best gemstone carvers worldwide. Over the years, they have established lashings of close business relationships and friendships with the elite in the business. Their work is what we offer via this platform, nothing else. – Oleg Herdt

The current generation, represented by the grandson of Hermann Dreher, Patrick Dreher, stands out on its own. He creates gemstone carvings that depict starkly realistic animals. To ensure lifelike proportions, countless hours are applied to observing the animals up close before the actual work of the craft begins. The gemstones that are used for the figurines are studied until they reveal their destined shape, as the animals are carved from one gemstone alone. A single project takes months to complete. The natural condition and coloring of the gemstones shapes the animals little by little during the carving process until truly unique works of art are perfected.


We are about to come to the end of this brief yet comprehensive introduction to investments in the field of gemstone art. The natural gems and gem art we offer is, as we can assure you, of the highest quality at a fair price. You are dearly invited to join us in a more detailed and personal in-depth conversation concerning investing in gemstone art. As experts with generations of experience and some of the best connections in the industry, we are in the unique position to provide you with the most exclusive gemstone art.

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